Saturday, September 22, 2012

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We had a fun trip this week.  We asked Betty 73, and Lemmie 74, to go on a fall drive and have lunch at 32 mile. The sisters are a little hesitant to go off the main road alone, so this was a real treat.   We had lunch and then decided to drive up Kelsaw and look at the leaves.  They were beautiful.  We stopped at a bridge, where they had filmed White Fang and got out to walk around.  Dondaivd when down to the river and saw the Coho’s spawning and came back to tell us. This river is not the big major one, but a smaller, Idaho- like river.   We had our poles in the car, so we asked the ladies if they wanted to go fishing.   They were like a couple of kids.  Lemmie pulled off her shoes and socks and wadded into the river up to her knees with a net trying to get some fish.  I was worried she would fall down; because, she isn’t extremely stable on flat ground.  She didn’t catch any, but had fun.  She took a huge staff-type stick and kept hitting the water to agitate the fish.  When fish spawn, they don’t necessarily feed, but will strike at something that they feel is threatening.  Betty went down river and wadded in only a little ways and did catch a female Coho who had just finished laying her eggs.  Betty is the one who was raised in Haines, and as a child she had caught fish with her hands.  She did use a net this time.I caught two Coho’s.  One about 15 lbs.  It was really fun. Dondavid wasn’t so lucky this time, but a week ago he caught two fish and I didn’t, so we are even. I let Lemmie borrow my pole because I had my limit.  I had to teach her how to cast and then I begin to wonder if she was ever going to return the pole. When we finished fishing, the ladies gathered mushrooms, and berries, and we finally headed home about 4:30.  Everyone was so tired they just fell in bed and slept like logs.  Betty has told everyone about the trip.  Seeing how happy these ladies were  is what makes missions worthwhile.  It is so often the little things that bring joy into other’s lives. 
Dondavid has been working on Lemmie’s pick-up the rest of the week, and so I have had a little time to catch up on house things.  We seem to keep busy.  People are beginning to ask when we will be leaving.  I don’t know if they are tired of us and ready to have us go, or if they will miss us.  I actually do not feel as trunky now as I did in the July.  It helps to be busy.  I have been teaching a lot in Relief Society lately, and we are giving temple preparation lessons to our new family.  It will be nice to only teach the temple prep class this week.    I am looking forward to conference.  It seems like we just had conference.  We have a ‘linger-longer” lunch after the first session of conference and just visit which is fun.
Fall isn’t as pretty here this year.  The leaves don’t have the brilliant color, and they kind of turn brown and fall off really fast.  I guess we aren’t going to have a long Indian Summer.  Snow is predicted for the 7th of October.  I hope they are wrong.  It is still in the fifties but is supposed to drop to mid forties next week.
Well that is about all in Haines.  I don’t know what you are doing for Christmas Holidays, but we sure would like to see anyone who comes up our way.  I could always do Christmas dinner.  I think I will have time to pull that off when we get home.  Besides I have presents (if I can find them). I know Ed, Russ, Warren, and Amber,(you will be in Rexburg, right? Or are you doing Christmas at home yet?) should be around so we can all get together to eat and play.   We will probably travel the end of Jan to help/visit those who live in warmer places—Troy, Brent, Teresa, Shaun—and then be home when the weather turns nicer in the spring.
 We will leave here Dec 10 by Ferry to Bellingham.  It takes 4 nights and 3 days to do that, then we will drive to Boise (Dec 14 may 15), stop and see Amber (unless you are already in Rexburg) and my sister, stop in Blanding to see Diana and Merlin and be home around Dec 18.  So that is our life schedule at that point.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone.  Hope you have a Happy Day!
Love all of you,

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